about us

about lsp:

love, sick pat? was launched in february 2021 with the goal of making the (size inclusive) graphic tees, sweatshirts, and hats that mak and clio wanted to see in the world. inspired by run down country bars, flickering neon lights, and the people and places that made us who we are, lovesickpat is a brand, but also a community, and we would be nowhere without our customers.

who is behind lsp?

mak (they/them) came up with the idea for lsp in december of 2020 after working on another small biz with clio (she/they) that fall. mak left the company in june 2021 to do bigger, better things, but lovesickpat would be nothing without their hard work. mak is a die-hard ohio sports fan and country music lover. currently, clio runs the website and designs new collections while studying history in university. she loves redbull tropical and live tweeting every second of her day. jan (he/him) is the mastermind behind lsp socials. he is a breakfast bagel sandwich aficionado and our resident horror movie fan. jan is also a freelance artist who can be found on twitter @lesbijans.